Yes, 100% safe! Our agency will only use business accounts on Facebook for advertising, and this will not affect your personal Facebook accounts and activities. 
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No, this is not a scam, we are an Internet marketing agency using Facebook accounts to setup paid advertisements. We take all the risk with setting up payments through our own business credit cards.

Because Facebook requires the accounts to be at least 1 year old and have legitimate activity on them. We don’t have the time to create new accounts and do a years worth of activity on them, we’d rather rent from you.

It depends on the strength of the account, but in general we rent accounts for 4 months to a year. We have the right to terminate the deal when necessary. We will inform you when we decide to terminate your account.

As long as your Ad account is used. Usually about 2-4 months, maybe more.

If your account is eligible, we will get your payment details and enter a part of the total payment. Payments will be made twice a month (1 times 2 weeks), we will update the date for you to check.

Yes, you can continue using your Facebook account without any changes to your habits and preferences. Our ads will never be published on your page or interfere with your social interactions. In fact, no one will notice that you started renting out your business page.

No, your Facebook page will be ads-free. We do not mess with your main page and completely separate your personal content and interactions from any activities performed on your business page.

Your personal information and confidentiality are strongly protected by Facebook itself. After you rent out your business page, we will receive access only to the Ads manager linked to your main Facebook page. This tool is designed to launch marketing campaigns without affecting the social media component. Don’t worry, your communications will be safe and confidential.

We do not buy your account and do not need to interfere with your social media page in any way. We are renting the business page to use it for marketing purposes while strictly adhering to Facebook’s guidelines for ads placement.